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The history of the modern day Liverpool FC is
founded on the work of three great men.

Between them they won 12 League Championships,
3 European Cups, 4 FA Cups, and 3 UEFA Cups,
and led the team in over 1500 matches between
1959 and 1991.

Liverpool FC's great managers website tells the story
of the three Liverpool heroes.


Bill Shankly

The legendary Bill Shankly Led the club of the second
division in 1962, all the way to the first division title,
and thier first ever victory in the FA cup. He laid the
foundations for everthing that is great about
Liverpool FC.

Bob Paisley

Bob Paisley, Shankly's relctant successor, did even better,
leading the club to three European Cup triumphs and six more
leauge championships. Establishing himself as easily the
most succesful English club manager ever.

Kenny Dalglish

Taking over from Joe Fagan, Kenny Dalglish broke more new
grounds as player-manager. He laid the club to thier first
ever Leauge and Cup double, and built one of the most
exciting teams Liverpool FC teams ever. Leading the
Club through triumph and tragedy. Dalglish will forever be
remembered as, "The King"

These are the storied of three glorious earas at Anfield. Of how three men steered the club to unprecedented success at home and abroad. Giving on insight into their methods, thier motivation their triumphs and tiers, this website is dedacated to the trio of the Liverpool FC ledgends and the greatest managers in the history of club football.

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